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Hip Hockey Mom Approved

Hip Hockey Mom Approved

Valerie Waters, an LA-based trainer whose roster is topped by Jennifer Garner, developed Valsides – I can’t say enough about them and have to share ! I was introduced to this simple yet genius exercise program while reluctantly at the gym, and have seen them used on a range of clients from NHL players training in the off season, to once-a-week girls like myself. Based on the concept of slide board training, Valerie created scaled-down versions that lend themselves to an incredibly wide range of exercises.

I recently caught up with Valerie who explained that Valsides provide a controlled range of motion, which customizes the degree of challenge – from rehab routines to rigorous work outs. Mild instability is created because of the opposing “slide” which constantly engages the core. In addition to the obvious abdominal benefits of core work, the back is also engaged and better overall posture can be encouraged. The most basic position is The Plank, and from there positions and motions are varied and progress in difficulty – providing variety and motivation.

As an intro, Valerie has provided her Top Basics here. I have seen professional athletes take these moves to the next level so there is almost no chance of burn out or excuse for these babies to collect dust !

Valerie’s Top Basics

1. Reverse Lunge

2. Side Lunge

3. Push Up Fly

4. Leg Curl

5. Valligators

On a personal note and because I am notoriously not gym oriented; I have found Valslides great for mimicking many Pilates exercises at home, and allow for an at-home routine that you can actually do relatively quickly and see results. At $30, Valslides provide hundreds of exercises for a wide degree of ages and fitness levels. Did I mention customized work outs “Red Carpet Ready” and “I Want My Bikini Body” !
LOVE ! Thanks Val !!

Website: Visit for more information as well as for purchase.

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