Stretch It Out Baby!

Rivas Christian

A conversation with Tampa Bay Lightning Pain Management Practitioner Christian Rivas.

While Christian works with professional hockey players on and off season, his perspective on preventative measures and treatment of sports injuries can be appreciated by players of all ages and the moms doing the real “heavy lifting” !

By definition, most injuries occur when your body is put in a position that it does not want to go in, with the most common of hockey injuries being a groin strain and shoulder injury at the collegiate and pro level. According to Christian, groin injuries correlate to the lower back, while the majority of shoulder injuries occur as the result of a hit and/or in combination with a neck strain.

“You can’t under estimate the importance of stretching” says Christian. As a general recommendation, “Regular stretching provides a preventative measure for maintaining flexibility which in turn optimizes range of motion”.

The Basics: Immediately upon injury
Acute Injury: injuries such as a sprain to a tendon or joint, should be iced to bring down inflammation.
Muscle strain: a pulled muscle should receive heat to increase blood flow and initiate the healing response.

Treatment: Post Injury
Soft Tissue Manipulation: form of Sports Massage and/or ART (Active Release Techniques) visit for more information or referrals in your area.
Structural Manipulation: chiropractic work.
Fascial Stretch Therapy: stretches outer covering of muscles; visit for more information.

While these are techniques that top athletes are using, visit the above sites for more information and check back for more Locker Room interviews ! The above are guidelines and should be reviewed with your trainer or doctor.

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