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Rivas Christian

Stretch It Out Baby!

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A conversation with Tampa Bay Lightning Pain Management Practitioner Christian Rivas.

While Christian works with professional hockey players on and off season, his perspective on preventative measures and treatment of sports injuries can be appreciated by players of all ages and the moms doing the real “heavy lifting” !

By definition, most injuries occur when your body is put in a position that it does not want to go in, with the most common of hockey injuries being a groin strain and shoulder injury at the collegiate and pro level. According to Christian, groin injuries correlate to the lower back, while the majority of shoulder injuries occur as the result of a hit and/or in combination with a neck strain.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion with SPF 15

The PERFECT summer product

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Hip Hockey Mom Approved

Hip Hockey Mom Approved

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion with SPF 15… This is a major multi-tasker (which all Hockey Moms LOVE). Palmer’s has made the tri-fecta of body moisturizers: super hydrating, smells delicious AND SPF15 – what’s not to love ?! Pick up the lip balm as well ! Find at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and



Support spinal cord injuries research

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Hip Hockey is proud to have our first public appearance in support of The Big Assist in Darien, CT on July 13th ! Hosted by Ryan Shannon of the Ottawa Senators, players from the NHL, AHL and collegiate levels play to benefit the Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation which supports spinal cord injuries research. A fantastic night of hockey for a great cause !


Shearling flip flops?

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Hip Hockey Mom Approved

Hip Hockey Mom Approved

LOVE ! An amazing hockey mom with a pedigree in big time marketing, founded Ripawear, forever filling the need for dreamy yet practical footwear. Initially born out of the need for easy on and off, yet functional and warm footwear, Indira Desai developed this great line of flip flops and slides. While a little pricey for those with growing feet, they make a great gift. As for the adults – they are a must ! Comfortable, durable and if you need further proof – test driven and faithfully worn by my difficult-to-shop-for, Canadian former player, current coach, avid golfer husband – they take him from rinks to links, and (sadly) he wears them with socks in the winter ;)
Website: (Use code HOCKEY to receive $10.00 off your purchase !)




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